• The Royal Academy of Music, Aalborg: Professional Master in Innovative Choir Leading, 2022.
  • The University of Oslo: Master`s Degree in Musicology, 2015.
  • The Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo: Educational Theory and Practice (PPU), 2010.
  • NLA University College, Oslo: Bachelor`s Degree in Music Performance, 2008.


  • Assistant Professor at NLA University College, Oslo: teaching subjects are ear training, choir leading and voice. In charge of the studies in choir leading.
  • Voice teacher.
  • 20 years of experience as a choir leader. Some of the choirs are CAVA (NO), Norwegian Gospel Voices (NO), POPkoret (NO), Drøbak Gospel (NO) and Joyful Voices (DK).
  • Workshops for choirs, groups, bands and more.